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Knotwood™ - not wood but environmentally friendly aluminium

Knotwood™ timber-look aluminium systems combine good looks with low maintenance. With great strength, wear and versatility it can be used to construct a wide range of products. Suitable for outdoor furniture, planter boxes, letter boxes, fencing and gates, doors including garage doors, sunscreens, privacy screens, plantroom enclosures (rubbish, air conditioner and pool pumps), privacy screens and decking...

Knotwood™ has an attractive appearance and is a strong low maintenance material that will not warp, dry out, splinter or crack. Knotwood is protected against UV radiation and has a 10 year warranty. Knotwood™ is produced using the European process 'sublimation' for a natural wood look finish.

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Knotwood fence and gate

Knotwood™ have designed unique aluminium fencing, aluminium decking, aluminium screening, aluminium shutter and aluminium balustrade systems that do not need welding - so you can do it yourself or have your builder construct it.

There is a simple construction method using an aluminium cutting blade - no welding is required to make sturdy lasting gates, fencing and balustrades as well as a range of other applications.

Video to see how to install gate 
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Knotwood fencing
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Knotwood fencing
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Knotwood™ natural timber look finish on aluminium

20 unique Knotwood timber finishes on aluminium. Also can be supplied powdercoated.

Knotwood™ natural wood samples

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