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Retail Stands by Ullrich Aluminium

Ullrich Merchandisers are attractive rotating self service stands for retail. These retail stands allow a good range of products to be displayed in limited spaces. Ideal for shop fitting.

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Retail stands

Ladder display stands

  • Holds 6 of the most popular ladders available

  • Easily moved on wheels for outdoor display

  • Good footpath display

Louvred Vent Stands

  • 10 sizes of vents in 3 colours in white, brown and silver Vents prepacked for ease of hanging

  • Stand spins for self service

  • Extrusion stand

  • Range is infinite to suit your particular market




Louvred Vent Stands - Sizes
300 x 300 150x150
300 x 275 150 x 100
300 x 150 150 x 75
225 x 225 100 x 75
225 x 150 225 x 75

Also to display: Wallboard, channels, mouldings, flats rods etc Flooring Tubes and angles Curtain tracks and Tee tracks

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