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Hinges are manufactured from materials complying to the following specifications:

Steel Hinges

  • Material to ASTM 109M-83
  • Chemical Properties to AISI 1023
  • Mechanical Properties - HRB 70-85

Brass Hinges

Material to ASTM 836 - Alloy No. 8, mechanical Properties - HRB 57-74

Chemical Composition:

  • Copper 64-08.5%
  • Lead 0.15% max
  • Iron 0.05% max
  • Zinc balance

Hinge Finishes - Standard finishes are:

Steel Hinges - Bright Steel, zinc chromate and florentine bronze, (zinc chromate and florentine bronze are factory applied cosmetic only finishes on zinc). Special finishes such as powder coating (various colours), baked enamel (any colour), brass plating, satin chrome, nickel etc., can be supplied to order.

Brass Hinges - Self colour highly polished. Brass hinges can be supplied to order in the rumbled condition or a highly polished version.

Standard Hinges



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