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Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts

Choosing Threaded Inserts

To remain competitive in today's rapidly changing technological environment, it is essential that production methods are fast, versatile and cost effective. Assembly problems are often intricate, with design, size and specifications varying significantly to meet market preferences and customer needs. Manufacturers work with a variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses, and with square or tubular components, many requiring access from one side during assembly. Requirements vary from batch assembly to flow line production. From domestic appliances, requiring adjustable feet and reversible doors, to the exacting standards of high technology applications, where small components are used in electronic and computer assembly. These and many other applications are ideal for one or more threaded inserts.

Placing Sequence Standard Threaded Inserts
Exclusive “One Piece” design consists of an upper sleeve and a conically shaped, internally threaded base that features a unique “Breakaway” section.

How it works

  1. Threaded insert is placed into the prepared hole.
  2. On actuation, the tool breaks the conical-shaped portion and draws it up into the sleeve.
  3. The tool is withdrawn leaving the threaded portion fully expanded into the hole ready to receive a screw or bolt.

Placing Sequence Thin sheet Threaded Inserts
Thin sheet Threaded Inserts a “One Piece” which has been developed specifically to give designers a strong.deep, vibration proof steel thread in thin sheet applications down to thicknesses of 0.020".

How it works

  1. Thin sheet Threaded insert is placed into the prepared hole.
  2. On actuation, the placing tool pulls the threaded portion until the wall collapses radially outwards clenching it tight againtst the sheet.
  3. The tool is withdrawn leaving the thin sheet threaded portion fully expanded into the hole ready to receive a screw or bolt.

Threaded inserts for all applications
Sheet materials, square or circular tubing or just blind holes. Whatever the requirement, there is a choice of inserts, in various thread sizes and forms. When placed they are extremely resistant to push-out and pull-out pressures. A major feature of the whole range is their ability to be placed in painted materials without damage to the work surface, avoiding re-work and wastage.

Ease of operation
Any operator may place the range of inserts. No special knowledge or training is necessary. Requiring only pre-drilled, or pre-punched holes, each insert is placed from one side of the workpiece quickly and easily with the appropriate tool.

Simple Construction
Threaded inserts are high quality components made from carbon steel. Every insert has a prepared deep, vibration proof load bearing thread. When placed, the thread is immediately clear and ready to accept a screw or bolt.

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