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Ullrich supply a wide range of blind rivets and riveting tools. Ask for free copy of rivet size chart at your local Ullrich store.

A simple step by step method of selecting the correct Cherry Rivet for any job

Example: The job to be riveted has two pieces of material with a total thickness of 5/16" (8mm).


Step 1 Decide which head style and rivet type is best. For example Truss Head Plugged type see chart 1

Step 2. Select the most suitable rivet for the job (assume Aluminium) see chart 2

Step 3. Select the type of material for the rivet stem (presume for this job steel would be best) see chart 3

Step 4. Choose the most suitable rivet size for the job considering the strength required For example 3/16" (4.8mm) diameter see chart 4

Step 5 Measure the thickness of the material to be riveted In this example it is 5/16" (7.9mm) see chart 5

Using these steps we found out that:

  1. Type=Truss Head Plugged Rivet   Code = 73
  2. Rivet Material - Aluminium      Code = A
  3. Stem material: steel      Code = S
  4. Rivet diameter          Code = 6
  5. Material THickness 5/16" (8mm)    Code = 5

The correct Cherry Rivet for this job would be 73-A-S-6-5

Cherry Rivet code system

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