The current global wood shortage in 2021 has encouraged builders and renovators to look at aluminium weatherboards as an alternative solution. And Ullrich Aluminium’s UlltraClad system has answered their call.

Why do builders use aluminium weatherboards from Ullrich Aluminium?

UlltraClad offers a complete cladding system specifically for Australia and New Zealand’s demanding weather conditions, designed for durability, style and performance. A great choice for building in areas prone to fires, UlltraClad has been bushfire tested and classed as a non-combustible material.

Greg O’Brien from Wintec System explains, “Builders like the fast and easy installation and lightweight design with concealed interlocking fixing systems, including its own flashings and corners. They use UlltraClad for peace of mind. They know the aluminium cladding complies with Australia’s National Construction Code, is made from the highest quality materials available and is certified by the CSIRO. UlltraClad is also readily available, unlike timber.”

Benefits for end-users of UlltraClad

End users love the look of UlltraClad with its wide range of modern or classic designs with powder coat colours and timber grain-like finishes available. It is ideal for external walls and facades as well as ceiling and soffits (underside of roof overhang) and has the ability to be installed either vertically or horizontally.

UlltraClad utilises air circulation behind the cladding, which allows it to breathe eliminating mould and mildew. Aluminium weatherboards are also resistant to pesky termites and it will never warp, crack, split or rot. But wait, there’s more! There’s no sanding, painting, staining or oiling required ever and removing dirt and grime is a breeze. A quick squirt of water with a bit of pressure and the job’s done.

Whether your project is big or small, we have the aluminium weatherboards for you!

UlltraClad comes in 6 different styles: 140mm Tee, 150mm Traditional, 175mm Vertical, 190mm Standard, 185mm Corrugated and 205mm Shadoline. Check them out here. UlltraClad is suitable for residential homes, townhouses, granny flats, feature walls, renovations as well as offices, parks, service stations, schools and multilevel developments. It has also been used on commercial projects such as KFC and McDonalds restaurants.

Ulltraclad customers are ultra-satisfied

“Living on a steep hill, four storeys high forced us to look for an innovative cladding product that meant no maintenance, looked architecturally smart and was well-constructed. We were so pleased when we came across the Wintec brand as it ended up being the answer to all our issues. Many thanks”

John Harrison, Hamilton, Brisbane

“In designing and building our display home in Bulimba, one of the most important aspects of the brief was to use materials which are aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and low maintenance. We used the Wintec Shadoline profile cladding system both vertically and horizontally on the entire first floor of our display home and it is the outstanding external feature of the home. We find the look of the product, the cost, the low maintenance aspect and the ease of installation all add up to a product we are happy to specify to our prospective clients”

Bob Antic, Principal and Licensed Builder, Space Constructions

“UlltraClad is a perfect fit for my latest project, (own home) with its contemporary but conventional boarding profile, versatility in both vertical and horizontal applications, and most importantly, lack of maintenance.”

Jeff Rowse, Building Designer, Jerrin Designs

Relationship between Ullrich Aluminium & Wintec Systems

Australian owned company Wintec Systems was founded in 1997 and purchased by Ullrich Aluminium in 2005. The Australian owned and operated companies work together to produce a large range of innovative Australian designed and manufactured products including the aluminium weatherboard product, UlltraClad. Wintec are the designers and Ullrich are the extruders.

To find out more about UlltraClad, simply click here to find your local Ullrich office or give us a call on 1300 650 075 from Australia or 0800 500 338 from New Zealand.

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