When Rob Devlin says he “built some cool stuff”, he’s making a bit of an understatement, take a look at this aluminium adventure trailer .

A drill fitter in the mines, Rob doesn’t sit around in his spare time. He completely gutted a brand new Quintrex Explorer and replaced it with a custom fit out including a casting deck, rod locker and battery storage. He also whipped up a custom boat trailer. And while he was at it, fabricated a custom boat loader to get his shiny new boat on top of his 4×4 truck, an Isuzu 75/155.

Check out Rob’s cool stuff below.

All in the name of adventure

Rob, his wife Erin and their children – three-year-old son Charlie, 18-month-old daughter Vera and baby number three who’s due to be born in April – are living their best lives and travelling around Australia. Rob and Erin have sold their house, toys they no longer need and are exploring this beautiful country of ours… indefinitely!

Planning on going “everywhere and anywhere – the more remote the better!”, nothing’s set in concrete and they’ll work along the way. We reckon Rob will have plenty of requests from travellers for him to build them a rig just as good as his.

The start of the adventure

Starting their journey from Mackay in Queensland, Rob and Erin are currently travelling south to Red Rock near Coffs Harbour, Nowra to see Rob’s grandfather and will then track back north to Grafton to welcome baby number three. Then, the world (well Australia anyway) is their oyster. North Western Australia is high on their bucket list. Very fitting, as giant oysters the size of the palm of your hand can be found at McGowen Island on the northern tip of WA. Speaking of tips…

Rob’s top three adventure tips!

  1. No more excuses. There’s never a perfect time, just make it happen!
  2. Take plenty of tools. Things break and wear out, failures are inevitable and preparation can save you big money and time.
  3. Enjoy your family while you get the chance. Time creeps up on you!

Rob and Erin have created their own travel blog pages, The Wild Oz on Instagram and Facebook, so give them a follow to see where their adventures take them. 

Ullrich Aluminium products used

Rob used Ullrich Aluminium 80×40 rhs (rectangular hollows) in 3mm and 4mm, different types of square hollows (33mm, 25.4mm and 100x25x2.5mm shs), 30mm angle, 1.6 and 2.5 sheets as well as round bar and pipe for the boat loader stabilisers.

See our product range here.

Why does Rob use Ullrich Aluminium?

Rob says, “Ullrich always has what you need, they’re quick to process an order and the staff are friendly. The prices are fair and the material is always in good condition and of good quality.”

Thanks Rob! We wish you and your family very happy and safe travels.