The aluminium flat bar may seem like the most basic of aluminium extrusions but that is where its beauty lies. The versatility of this aluminium all-rounder knows no boundaries with the aluminium flat bar being used in many diverse ways.  

It’s the aluminium flat bars simplicity that is its greatest feature, lightweight and corrosion-proof, just these two benefits alone make it the solution for many industries including the construction and even aviation.

There aren’t many products that can be used in the building of outdoor furniture and also fly around the world carrying millions of commuters a year.

Aluminium flat bars, making a statement!

Ullrich Aluminium supply many industries with aluminium extrusions, with over 50 branches across Australia and New Zealand there are not many manufacturing industries that Ullrich Aluminium haven’t supplied to. Aluminium is an easy product to sell due to its strength and lightweight properties.

Designers view it as the perfect strength to weight mix for framing solutions, but a left-field industry that has begun to utilise Aluminium flat bars and extrusions to realise what was once before thought impossible is the Arts and Culture industry.

Below you will see an amazing piece of art designed for the Brisbane Festival 2020 by the artist Hiromi Tango.

Using Aluminium flat bars and other extrusions, Hiromi was able to develop a signature piece that not only makes a statement but also, thanks to the amazing properties of Aluminium will last forever, with minimal maintenance.

Artist: Hiromi Tango
Design, Development & Fabrication: Remo Vallance
Engineer: Tom Marxson, Incode Engineers

Aluminium Tube – 50 x 3mm, 40 x 3mm,
32 x 3mm and 20 x 3mm
Aluminium Flat Bar – 20 x 3mm
Aluminium Sheet- 3000mm x 5 mm
Powder Coat Colours – Fluro – Pink, Red, Green,
Purple, Blue, Orange, Lighting – LED Neon RGB, Firefly Lighting
Job Site: Westend – Brisbane Festival and Metro Arts 2020
Client: Brisbane Festival 2020

Above images are courtesy of Culture Pulse.

Take you to the skies

Throughout history, aluminium has grown to be a staple in the manufacturing industry but one industry, in particular, has embraced it with open arms.

The Aviation industry who’s sole purpose is to move massive metal tubes through the air at incredible speeds and aluminium are a match made in heaven. In an industry where the ability to carry more weight but maintain fuel efficiency is essential, the strong and lightweight properties ensure that aluminium is the perfect solution.

Aluminium flat bars can be used to enhance the structural integrity of most aircraft and even the modern technological wonder that was The Concord Modern had an aluminium skin as it flew at twice the speed of sound.

Whether it be for a simple framing or shelving job or something more intricate like designing and building furniture the team at Ullrich Aluminium have a team of experts all around Australia that can answer your call. Whether it be for advice or just confirming what you know, there are no silly questions when it comes to aluminium flat bars.

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