Not to boast but we do have ‘grate’ walkways at Ullrich Aluminium, literally! Our metal grates and walkway gratings have excellent features and a long list of uses.

Why use aluminium grating ?

In a nutshell, it is a crucial tool for ensuring that walking from A to B is super safe. Walkway mesh or walkway grating is used in a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, marine, and water treatment services.

Ullrich Aluminium grating is designed to meet the requirements of Australian Standards AS1657-1992 and all Ullrich grating and stair tread is manufactured from Aluminium Alloy 6063 T5. Magnesium and silicon are the alloying elements in 6063, which allow thin walls and intricate shapes to be created. The low magnesium content means that it doesn’t crack from stress corrosion.

6063 is easily anodised, weldable and heat treatable. T5 is the temper, this means the alloy is artificially aged after cooling down from an elevated temperature shaping process. These tweaks to aluminium give it more strength and a high corrosion resistance to a vast variety of atmospheric environments including many marine locations. This ensures maintenance costs don’t eat into your profit.

Traction for action

As well as being strong, aluminium walkways are a top-notch anti-slip surface making it ideal for use as ramps, stair treads and pit grating for wastewater treatment plants. We also use aluminium walkways on roofs and as work platforms, air conditioning platforms and marine platforms. It provides the essential traction workers and visitors need to move around a workspace safely, not only as a floor base at ground level but most importantly, at heights.

See the light

Aluminium walkways also offer good visibility, as the open design of the walkway mesh is easy to see through and doesn’t block light. Air and water can also flow through, mostly unobstructed so the surface area can dry relatively faster than a completely solid platform or walkway after rain. When weight is the main consideration for walkway grating, aluminium is a far better choice than steel, as it is lightweight – weighing just a third of the weight of steel. This makes installation easier and is a great (pun intended!) option for grates, vents, or hatches that require moving regularly.

Aluminium grating solution for treatment plant

Did you know that the quality of South East Queensland’s water is one of the highest in the world? A first class water treatment facility requires only the best aluminium applications, fit for a King! Seqwater recently needed a large extension to a treatment plant in Warana on the Sunshine Coast. Not only did our Ullrich Sunny Coast office supply them with walkway grating, we also supplied stanchions, rail and bends.

Walkway with a view

Our Sunshine Coast Branch teamed up with another Australian family owned business, The Jetty Specialist, to complete a pipeline aluminium walkway. Approximately 80sqm of aluminium walkway was fabricated in Caloundra and installed at Port Alma for Cheetham Salt, Australia’s largest solar salt producer and refiner.

Solar walkway solution

Our Ullrich Cairns Office has been working with safety gurus, Essential Safety Solutions QLD, designing and manufacturing walkway grating on roofs to support the safe servicing of solar panel systems. They recently completed a 120-metre walkway grating on a roof for Cummins at Mackay.

Essential Safety Solutions QLD also has an even longer metal walkway planned. Once completed in September, it will be nearly half a kilometre! 497 metres of rooftop walkway grating will be installed on a shopping centre in Emerald, ensuring the safety of solar panel workers.

‘Grate’ expectations

Customers have come to expect only the best at Australian family owned Ullrich Aluminium. Celebrating sixty years of successful business this year, we pride ourselves on our excellent designs, helpful technical advice and friendly after sales service. We have over thirty-three years of experience in design, extrusion and distribution of aluminium in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Walkway gratings are readily available via our national distribution outlets.

The Ullrich Walkway Grating (UWG) is available in six different Series and each Series is named after the height of the grating. For example, the UWG13 Series is 13mm high. Slightly different in width, weight, height and design, every panel is 6000mm long. Series 13 and 22 are the same width at 600mm but Series 22 is higher so the panel weighs 35kgs compared to Series 13 weighing 28kgs. Series 30 and 40 are both 500mm wide with a 10mm difference in height making the Series 30 panel lighter at 46.7kgs whereas the Series 40 panel is 51.8kgs. Series 30/SL and 40/ST are both narrower panels at 250mm wide and weigh 28.2kgs and 30.4kgs respectively. If you’d like to see the designs or really get down to the nitty gritty of walkway grating specs, check out the Walkway Grating Panel Specifications here.

To speak to a walkway grating expert, simply call 1300 650 075 and we’ll put you through to your nearest sales office. With a national footprint of over fifty branches around Australia and New Zealand, there’s one near you. If you’d prefer to email us or would like to pop into your local office, simply go to our website here and find your closest branch. Each office address can be found by clicking on ‘Get Directions’. Every customer, big or small is important – we’ll be grateful that you contacted us!