If you are one of the lucky customers of five IGA stores on the Sunshine Coast, then you are experiencing the cutting edge of refrigerating and freezing your weekly groceries. Advanced Refrigeration Technology (Maslen Australia) have developed their own custom range of cool room systems that are keeping your food fresher for longer, whilst doing their part for the environment by using less energy to do so. Ullrich Australia plays their part by supplying the aluminium extrusions used to manufacture these quality cool room systems.

A great cool room partnership

The similarities between Ullrich Aluminium and Maslen Australia are hard to ignore, two strong multi-generational Australian companies that have worked together in partnership for many years. Sometimes companies just click, and it has been this way with Ullrich and Maslen, when asked, John Maslen the CEO for Maslen Australia said, “Ullrich and Maslen have a long-standing relationship that has enabled Maslen to continue to bring quality products to the market. Ullrich’s continued support and collaboration ensure that we can develop and manufacture energy-efficient refrigeration solutions for supermarkets on the Sunshine Coast and around Australia. We look forward to continued long term success in our partnership with Ullrich Aluminium”.

More than meets the eye

The technology developed by Maslen Australia which allows the cool rooms to run at a lower capacity, thus reducing the refrigerant requirement is the backbone of the cool room, the aluminium extrusions supplied by Ullrich Aluminium help to set these cool rooms further apart from the rest.

Using Aluminium sheets to develop elaborate and technical designs, there are custom exclusive sections of the refrigeration units that are manufactured by Ullrich Aluminium. These are extruded in special finishes to give the IGA cool rooms their individual modern design. It’s not just the flashy side of the product that aluminium stars in, it is also used in the frames, doors, seals, retainers, inserts and kick panels.

The use of round tubes, standard geometrics, cube stock and exclusive custom sections ensures that along with the amazing technology used to develop the cool rooms, the aluminium supplied by Ullrich is a key ingredient to the success. Ullrich Aluminium also have exclusive dyes and hold stock of the required products to enable Maslen to set itself apart from the competition with quick manufacturing capabilities.

Images courtesy of Advanced Refrigeration Technology.

Ullrich Aluminium is proud to be associated with a great Australian company like Maslen Australia. Maslen’s commitment to bringing a new and exclusive product to the market that also has positive environmental impacts marries well with all that Ullrich Aluminium stand for.

With over 50 branches in Australia and New Zealand, Ullrich Aluminium has an expert team that can help you with all your aluminium needs, from aluminium flat bars to custom cut and dyed aluminium extrusions.

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