Double Hung windows have been hanging around for a long time! They originated in Europe in the seventeenth century and are still a popular choice today, especially since Ullrich Aluminium has upgraded the original wooden design and replaced it with long-lasting, maintenance-free aluminium.

Steve Olley has been with Ullrich for 15 years and is part of Ullrich’s Product Development Team. Steve explains, “In the original concept of double-hung windows, the only moving parts were the window sashes and a counterweight. So the sash was connected to pulleys by a cord to a counterweight to make it easy to open and close. There were no rollers, like in sliding windows, so it was easy to make.”

Still popular today, builders choose the Ullrich Aluminium’s ‘Hudson Double Hung Window’ from Wintec Systems for many reasons.

Double-Hung Windows and Airflow

Popular in warm climates, double-hung windows are an eco-friendly way to ventilate buildings without the need for air conditioning. The clever design allows warm air to flow outside, through the top part of the window and welcome cool air inside, through the bottom part of the window.

Safer Window Design

Unlike casement windows or hinged windows, double-hung windows don’t project past the wall of the building. So there’s no chance of injury with any protruding parts.

Simple To Clean

Double-hung windows are very handy to clean. You don’t even have to leave the house to make the outside of the window sparkle. Insect screens are easily removable from the inside of the window. So to clean double-hung windows, you simply remove the screen and reach your hand up through the open window to get to any built-up dirt.

Authentic Style

As well as the practical reasons listed above, they also keep the authentic architectural designs of heritage and period-style homes. This includes Queenslanders in the warmer parts of Australia as well as Georgian style buildings.

Wintec Systems Hudson Double-Hung Window Features

Hudson Double Hung Windows are available in two sash types: Standard and Federation.


  • Built-in extruded handles to both top and bottom sashes
  • Hollow rails ensure added strength
  • Flush Stiles to jambs ensure clear sightlines – no intrusion on window openings and maximum glass area as stiles are within the frame
  • Insect screens are removable from inside the building
  • Lockable with a key


  • Wider sash that replicates a timber double-hung window to get the federation look
  • Dual colour combination options e.g. Sash colour can be different to the frame

Hudson Double Hung Window Configurations

See the image below for the many different configurations available.

Ullrich Aluminium and Wintec Systems

Ullrich windows are only made with the best quality aluminium. Steve explains, “The aluminium we use is virgin extrusions, which means it contains no recycled aluminium. it’s all original. When aluminium is recycled, you get a mix of different grades of aluminium. Recycled aluminium is great for making other products like furniture and cans.”

More Finishes Than An Olympic Marathon

Hudson Double Hung windows can be finished in a vast variety of ways. This guarantees the exact look you want.

Anodised – they can be anodised clear which shows the natural colour of the aluminium or also anodised in different colours like black or bronze.

Powder Coated – choose from over 4,000 colours on the Dulux colour chart.

Timber Wood Grain – replicate a timber finish with an extensive range of over 30 different wood grain colours and patterns.

Manager of Glen Innes Timber & Hardware, Don Davis, has been a loyal customer of Ullrich Aluminium for about 30 years and has ordered countless Hudson Double Hung windows in that time.

Don remarks, “People want to use double-hung windows across the front and return sides of the home in the high narrow configuration which gives them a modern, up-to-date appearance and looks great… The most popular size tends to be the high slim width windows.”

Don continues, “Primrose and white have had a great run over the last 20 years, but it appears that black has now increased in volume and white has held… It’s good to still have bronze and clear anodized as a stock colour to continue to supply the replacement segment, with clear anodized having a resurgence in popularity.”

Decades-long partnership

Don remarks, “I have found Ullrich sales and management people to be of a very high standard. They handle and process our weekly orders and support us extremely well in all the technical computer programs required for running this type of business. I believe without this kind of tech support, we would not be able to offer our builders the level of service they require.”

Don reflects, “I must say how pleasing it was to have Gilbert Ullrich visit our store on not just one, but on two occasions to show support and interest in our business and dealings with his company and to see what was needed to make sure our partnership continued to grow.”

This year, Ullrich Aluminium is celebrating 60 years of successful business, with strong partnerships as long as Don Davis’ from Glen Innes Timber & Hardware, as well as beginning new ones all over Australia and New Zealand.

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