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Soft closer for your security screen door

Imagine soft closers for screen doors, just like the ones we have come to love in our kitchens! Imagine peace and tranquility and no more clang and bang...

Well, this is now a reality on our range of aluminium screen doors thanks to Wintec Systems and the KWIKfit™ Soft Closer from Anthony Innovations.

The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer fits most standard sliding screen doors with minimal installation time latching the screen door at approximately 80mm from closing jamb before bringing it to a complete soft close.

For KWIKfit™ Soft Closer can be installed on most standard sliding security doors weighing up to 25kg protecting other hardware by reducing regular shock impact. And non-handed mounting makes it suitable for left and right-handed sliding security screen configurations.

Benefits of a soft closer for your security sliding doors

The KWIKfit Soft Closer is a patented design that sits unseen within the frame of the door. Better still it is quick and easy to fit and reduces the chances of hand injuries to children and adults alike.

Other features and benefits include:

• Fits most standard sliding security doors with minimal installation time.
• Utilises existing fabricator standard lock punch tooling to create closing mechanism insertion point.
• Accommodates various head tracks.
• Greatly reduces noise when firmly closing the door.
• Can be retrofitted to existing screen doors or ordered as part of a new Wintec System Security Door System.

soft closing components

The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer is part of the KWIKfit™ product range.

The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer works exclusively with Anthony Innovation’s KWIKfit™ Coastal rollers to optimise the performance of your sliding security door.

This really is a must inclusion on your next new build, renovation, or around-the-house upgrade.

For more information about the KWIKfit Soft Closer speak to your nearest Ullrich Aluminium branch or visit

Read more about aluminium sliding doors from Ullrich Aluminium and Wintec Systems.

Posted at 14 December 21

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