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The Ultimate Aluminium Battens

You only get one chance to make a first impression and the Ullrich Aluminium Battens – the Ulltra Batten – could be just the addition your home might need to take it to the next level.

Used as a feature facade the Ulltra Batten can help architects and builders transform the mundane into the magnificent, adding a sense of style whilst adding value to your property in the process. Simple to install, the Ulltra Batten can be mastered by anyone that chooses, from the master builder to the home DIY enthusiast.

Reliability and versatility with the ultimate aluminium battens

Whether used internally or externally the Ullrich Aluminium batten can be used in many ways. Internally they can be used as features on walls or simply as a divider between spaces in a room. Externally they can be used as shade walls, features or simply as an architectural facade that will set your home apart from all the others.

The powder coated lengths can be matched to many colours and can even be coated in a natural timber look with a textured grain feel just like the real thing but without the upkeep. Stronger and lighter than natural timber they are an amazingly easy product to work with, the versatility of the Ulltra Batten knows no end with the only limitation being your imagination. That has significant advantages as Ullrich Aluminium Melbourne Branch Manager Pat Punnunzio explains.

“The Ullrich Aluminium Ulltra Batten is a real win-win, for builders and construction firms as well as the homeowner or building owner. For builders it ultimately, no pun intended, means an easier and more time-efficient product to install on-site, without compromising on quality and design. And for the homeowner or building owner it means lower resources need to be dedicated to ongoing maintenance because the Ulltra Battens are harder wearing, longer-lasting, and guaranteed,” said Pat.

Features and benefits of the Ulltra Batten

It's the ease of use that headlines the features and benefits of the Ulltra Batten. No welding required; the two-piece batten hides all the necessary fixings to ensure that you have a seamless connection to the surface you are installing them on. As well as their ease of use there are other features and benefits:

  • Aluminium battens do not warp, splinter or crack
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong powder coated aluminium battens in many colours and timber finishes
  • Made to stringent Australian Standards
  • Concealed fixings

The Ulltra Batten is the perfect product for any new developments both residential and commercial with many builders and developers using the product around Australia and New Zealand. You will see below some of the projects that have used the Ulltra Batten, the results speak for themselves.

The versatility of the Ulltra Batten shines in the different applications used in these projects. And the imaginations of builders, developers, engineers, and DIY gurus continually push the Ulltra Batten into new and exciting architectural designs and applications.

Ullrich Aluminium – The leader in Aluminium technology

An Australian family-owned business, Ullrich Aluminium has been providing high-quality aluminium products for over 60 years with many satisfied customers from homemakers to engineers.

Ullrich Aluminium provide custom solutions to help your project needs – from fabrication to installation. Whether you’re looking for architectural or decorative aluminium, we have it all, providing an extensive range of specialist aluminium extrusion and rolled products. Our own team of experienced design engineers can help you create your own custom extrusions for any job and the Ulltra Batten is one of those products that offer a lightweight, strong, durable, low maintenance solution for all commercial and residential developments.

Here at Ullrich Aluminium, we pride ourselves on our customer service and quality workmanship which has led us to be the South Pacific’s leading Aluminium manufacturer. Now more than ever it’s important that you can trust the company you are dealing with.

And with:

  • over 700+ staff across Australia and New Zealand
  • 5 manufacturing units
  • 25 showrooms

Ullrich Aluminium is the Australian and New Zealand aluminium manufacturer that you can trust.

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Posted at 11 May 22

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