Chantal Nichols is an expert at bringing aluminium ideas to life.

Ullrich Aluminium Newcastle has been Chantal’s home for nearly thirteen years and has literally worked her way up the (aluminium!) ladder to her current role as Branch Manager. Chantal’s role includes “everything short of driving trucks and forklifts!” from customer service to sales to invoicing and helping out in the warehouse when an extra pair of hands is needed. The Ullrich Aluminium company motto is Quality, Service and Integrity and Chantal has these qualities by the bucket load.

Ideas for Aluminium come to life

Chantal enjoys finding solutions for customer’s requests, both big and small. She’s like a genie granting wishes – from one-off shower handles in a caravan and handrails on trains, to aluminium boats, grandstands and even the grandest of all seating – a Santa sleigh (we can neither confirm or deny if it was for the one and only Santa!).

Chantal loves to make all of her customers happy whether their request is her simplest task for the day or a more complex job and she keeps her customers coming back. Chantal explains, “Safety Link started as one of my smallest clients and they are now one of the biggest customers I have. They like to keep all their products Australian made.”

Ullrich Aluminium recognised Chantal’s efforts and was presented with a special ‘Valedictory Awards 2016 – 2017’ award for ‘Outstanding Dedication and Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty’.

A recent five star Google review states, “I’ve been buying from this company for years Brett and Chantelle [sic] are absolutely brilliant. Their product knowledge and service is outstanding!!!! Aluminium extrusion and security products are of the highest quality!! I’ll always pick this company first when purchasing extrusion and security products”.

Efficient multi-tasker yet bubbly Chantal is exceptionally humble. She describes herself as BORING (yes in capital letters) but this busy wife, mother of two and grandmother of nearly seven (five step grandchildren included) is anything but dull. She is in fact a ray of sunshine to all who work with her.

Chantal’s creativity at work may be inspired by her love of reading science fiction and fantasy books in her spare time – her favourites being ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ and she loves the movie ‘The Fifth Element’.

Chantal’s favourite escape from reality is a two-hour drive from Newcastle to Gloucester Tops near the Barrington Tops National Park where she has an onsite caravan and explains, “It’s completely out of range – there’s no Internet or phone service so I can really switch off and recharge”. Chantal recently enjoyed a mini break with her three-year-old grand daughter, Rosalie.

Chantal has six tattoos including a chibi dragon and symbol for family – she’s very close with her father and stepmother and is extremely proud of her children. Chantal has a naturally huge, warm and welcoming smile and her self-described “field mouse grey” hair is kept short for convenience. It’s currently dyed pink and purple and she’s tried everything from blonde to red and even blue! Chantal’s rainbow hair is a fantastic match to the vibrant energy she brings to Ullrich.

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