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Stair Nosing and Flooring Extrusions

Ullrich manufacture a range of aluminium nosing and flooring extrusions. download pdf file of nosing and flooring extrusions This includes serrated nosings, serrated angles, castellated nosings, carpet edge, flooring bars, castellated and serrated flat extrusions, serrated angles, vinyl floor cope, single and double round and square nosing, triple round, carpet cope, flooring edge, flooring bar, and Formica trim. Infills sold separately.

Note: Not all aluminium extrusions are available ex-stock, check with your local branch for advice on availability.

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Extrusion DIE No. Dimensions Type Drawing W P Ix Iy Mi
 SERRATED FLAT UA1441 18.00 x 3.00 Stair Nosing & Flooring 0.109 46.00 20.81 1088.44 11092.50
 FORMICA TRIM UA2323 20.50 x 6.50 Stair Nosing & Flooring 0.091 51.00 43.88 1222.69 12665.70
 FLOORING BAR UA1439 25.50 x 4.00 Stair Nosing & Flooring 0.131 58.00 26.67 2214.88 22415.50
 CARPET EDGE SERRATED UA1437 26.49 x 9.00 Stair Nosing & Flooring 0.122 64.00 115.82 2900.72 30165.40
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