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More than just simple Aluminium fence panel

An Aluminium fence panel system can change the humble home into a castle. There are so many options when choosing aluminium fence panels and that’s where we can help.

Whether it be for a simple garden fence or creating shade or privacy screens, aluminium fencing panels give you the flexibility to create seamless borders for a range of purposes.

Boundary fence

The favourite use of aluminium fence panels is in a boundary fence for your property. Whether it be a full-length fence from the ground up or using the aluminium fencing panels as extensions on top of a rendered fence, this is where they excel. Ullrich Aluminium’s Ulltra Fence is an easy way to upgrade a wooden fence. With easy to build aluminium fence panels and posts you will be a fencing master in no time. Of course, if you prefer that an expert looks after your new fencing job, just request quality aluminium fencing panels from Ullrich Aluminium.

Security and privacy

When installed by a professional an aluminium fence can be your first line of defence in securing your home. Whether you require to fence the full perimeter of your property or just a part of it, Ullrich has the right aluminium fencing solution for you. For the front of your home, a beautiful new fence with an entry gate and a security system will ensure that you are never annoyed by pesky salesmen ever again. You could even hide from the in-laws if you install a camera system!

Shade and privacy screens

The uses for aluminium fence panels don’t just stop with fencing applications it can also be used to create shade and privacy screens. Around your pool you may need a shade break for the kids, aluminium fencing panels can provide the perfect solution for all your shade needs. It could also double as a privacy screen from neighbours when you create a privacy screen out of aluminium fence panels.

Bin screens, air conditioner screening

Are you sick and tired of your bins and your air conditioner taking centre stage in your yard or around the side of your house? With aluminium fence panels you can create a bin screen so that your bins are hidden away from the neighbourhood. If you have your air conditioner on your deck, then you could build a box to hide it in. As well as being ventilated through the aluminium fence panels you can also use the box as an extra seat for when you are entertaining.

Resistant to most garden chemicals

Due to the aluminium fence panels being powder coated they are resistant to most garden chemicals so you can spray those weeds to your heart’s content and not damage your aluminium fence panels.

Aluminium fence panel systems are durable

The Ullrich Aluminium fence panels are constructed with a special non-weld system created a strong a durable product that is suited to the harsh Australian environment. Aluminium’s non-corrosive properties make it an essential addition to your fencing solutions around your home.

There is no doubt that the only thing holding you back from what you can use aluminium fence panels for is your imagination. Who would have thought such a simple product could save so many problems around your house?

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