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The following pages outline the standard range of perforated sheets available ex-stock from Ullrich Aluminium locations around Australia. Standard Sheets are listen in hold configurations (round, square etc.), then material types and thicknesses for each pattern.

Locate the part you require using the patterns (shown as actual size). Find the pattern in the tables on the following pages, selecting the appropriate material, thickness and sheet size (where possible).

Please note:

  • Stock sheets are available in a standard size (1200mm x 2400mm) unless identified.
  • All dimensions are in millimetres and are normal.
  • End of sheets are cut through perforations (nil margins).
  • Borders are available through Ullrich Aluminium’s custom made perforation service.
  • Ullrich Aluminium reserves the right to make technical changes without notice.

Custom sheets available with a full boarder around the sheet. In addition, customized sheets can include pre-punched fixings holes for easy and fast installation
Cut to Size and folding pricing is available upon request.


Diameter: 1.60mm Centres: 2.54mm Open Area 36%

Diameter: 1.60mm Centres: 3.20mm Open Area 23%

Diameter: 2.00mm Centres: 3.00mm Open Area 40%

Diameter: 2.41mm Centres: 3.66mm Open Area 40%

Diameter: 2.38mm Centres: 6.74mm Open Area 11%

Diameter: 3.25mm Centres: 4.78mm Open Area 41%

Diameter: 3.25mm Centres: 5.59mm Open Area 30%

Diameter: 3.25mm Centres: 6.10mm Open Area 25%

Diameter: 3.25mm Centres: 4.52mm Open Area 46%

Diameter: 3.97mm Centres: 5.59mm Open Area 46%

Diameter: 4.76mm Centres: 6.35mm Open Area 51%

Diameter: 4.76mm Centres: 7.92mm Open Area 33%

Diameter: 6.35mm Centres: 8.50mm Open Area 51%

Diameter: 6.35mm Centres: 9.53mm Open Area 40%

Diameter: 7.94mm Centres: 9.55mm Open Area 62%

Diameter: 8.00mm Centres: 11.11mm Open Area 47%

Diameter: 9.5mm Centres: 14.30mm Open Area 40%

Diameter: 9.50mm Centres: 12.7mm Open Area 51%

Diameter: 12.7mm Centres: 17.27mm Open Area 49%

Diameter:12.7mm Centres: 19.05mm Open Area 40%

Diameter: 8.00mm Centres: 11.00mm Open Area 48%

Diameter:11.11mm Centres: 15.88mm Open Area 49%

Diameter: 5.56mm Centres: 12.7mm Open Area 19%

Diameter:10.16mm Centres: 15.24mm Open Area 36%

Diameter: 25.4mm x 4.76mm Centres: 30.16mm Open Area 40%

Diameter:25.4mm x 6.35mm Centres: 11.18mm Open Area 43%

Diameter: 19.05mm Centres: 25.4mm Open Area 51%

Diameter:25.4mm Centres: 35.0mm Open Area 48%

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