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Ulltrafoil the ultimate aluminium foil

Ulltrafoil is the ultimate aluminium foil for use in the home or on your worksite.

Forget flimsy brands that tear and break, Ulltrafoil is strong and built for tradies.

Ulltrafoil is long and tough, with each roll 90m in length and 50mm wide – so you won’t need to revisit the shop for a while.

Get your aluminium foil from your aluminium specialist – Ullrich Aluminium.

Pick up a roll next time you are near a branch!

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Top ten uses for aluminium foil:

  1. Funnel – Create a funnel for getting things back into their containers.
  2. Food storage – Quickly wrapping up leftovers for storage in the fridge.
  3. Marinating – Soak your meat in succulent saucy seasoning and wrap in Ulltrafoil.
  4. Hungi – Make your next hungi a winner by wrapping your veggies and meat in Ulltrafoil.
  5. Smoking – Let your food ‘Post smoke’ and rest in Ulltrafoil locking in that smokey goodness.
  6. Costumes – Create glittering school, cosplay or other costumes using Ulltrafoil.
  7. Polish silver – Make silver shine by soaking in a bucket of hot water, salt, cut up lemon and a few balls of Ulltrafoil.
  8. Clean grill on BBQ – Scrunch Ulltrafoil into a ball and scrubbidy dub.
  9. Conceal a credit card from scamming scanners – protect your credit card from scimmy scammers by wrapping your credit card in Ulltrafoil.
  10. Scare away birds – Fashion a length of Ulltrafoil and place it where you don’t want birds to appear.