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Ullrich Aluminium balustrades have been designed to suit a wide range of applications including private residences.

Service and support

At Ullrich Aluminium we believe that it is not just all about the product, but that service and support to our customers is also very important. We strive to make dealing with Ullrich Aluminium an enjoyable experience.

Balustrade .75 architectural systems

Ullrich Aluminium specialises in the design and supply of architectural balustrades. With origins dating back decades, Ullrich Aluminium has supplied balustrading to numerous projects in Australia and abroad. As a result Ullrich Aluminium has acquired extensive experience.

Ullrich Aluminium distribution network

Ullrich Aluminium distributes the Architectural .75 balustrade system throughout Australia through a network of local fabricators and balustrade companies. The role of the local fabricator and balustrade companies is to liaise with customers, and to fabricate and install the product in accordance with the Ullrich Aluminium technical specifications and engineering.


The ‘safety of the end-user’ is Ullrich Aluminium's number one priority. Engineering plays an integral part of balustrade design, as the product must be able to withstand the loads stipulated in the Australian Building Code.

Ullrich Aluminium has a strong background in structural design. Our balustrade products are not only designed with experienced engineering expertise, it is also physically tested. Ullrich Aluminium has in-house facilities set up especially for testing balustrade products.


Balustrade Slat Infill

40mm x 20mm

balustrade slat infill diagram

Balustrade Full Glazing

A – AS/NZS 1170 Occupancy

  • 6mm Laminated Safety Glass
  • 6mm Toughened / Laminated Safety Glass

A (other) & C3 – AS/NZS 1170 Occupancy

  • 8mm Laminated Safety Glass
  • 6mm Toughened / Laminated Safety Glass

Full balustrade diagram

Balustrade Horizontal Glazing

A – AS/NZS 1170 Occupancy

12mm Laminated Safety Glass
8mm Toughened / Laminated Safety Glass

A (other) & C3 – AS/NZS 1170 Occupancy

  • 10mm Toughened / Laminated Safety Glass

horizontal balustrade diagram

Balustrade Vertical Glazing

A – AS/NZS 1170 Occupancy

  • 12mm Laminated Safety Glass
  • 6mm Toughened / Laminated Safety Glass

A (other) & C3 – AS/NZS 1170 Occupancy

  • 8mm Toughened / Laminated Safety Glass

vertical balustrade diagram

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Safety barriers must be maintained in a structurally sound condition and, where applicable, self-closing gates and other components required for the protection of children must be kept operable. Defects should be remedied immediately after they become apparent.

Surface Finish

While surface finishes do not last forever, observance of our maintenance instructions will maintain their appearance and significantly extend their useful life. Observance of these instructions is also required to achieve durability performance and for surface finish warranties to be valid (where applicable). They apply to both anodised and powder coated surfaces.

Care and Protection

Protect balustrades at all times from contact with:

  • Wet cement or plaster splashes, chemicals, solvents, stains and fertilisers. If contact does occur, remove the contaminant immediately and wash as described below.

  • Copper, brass, lead, mild steel, CCA treated timber, cement or concrete less than 1 month old, and water which has contacted any of these substances.


The balustrade and its fixing points must be cleaned down at least every six months. For homes within 1km from the sea or in any sea spray zone, cleaning must be carried out more frequently as required, but not less than every three months.

Cleaning Procedure

Remove loose deposits with a wet sponge. It is important to not dry dust because this will scratch the surface.

Remove any moss growth and ensure that all drain holes are unblocked, particularly those at the base of the posts.

Using a soft brush and a mild household detergent in warm fresh water, clean the surface to remove any dust, salt or other deposits.

Pay particular attention to any areas not washed naturally by the rain. Always rinse well after cleaning with fresh water to remove any remaining detergent.


  • Solvents
  • Household cleaning products
  • Bleaches
  • Abrasive cleaners

These are possibly harmful to the surface finish and must not be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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