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Aluminium double extension ladder - DE series

Our aluminium extension ladders come in a range of handy sizes, the largest being able to extend up to a height of 8.7m safely.


  • Exceeds standards specifications for aluminium alloy ladders ASNZS 1892.1:2018
  • All DES1 & DES2 series extension ladders rated at 150kg S.W.L
  • Sturdy ladder construction
  • Durable and safe
  • Heavy-duty non-slip rubber feet
  • High visibility red rung to indicate maximum safe climbing height
  • Double-swaged round rungs
  • Screwed D-rungs
  • Swivel foot (optional extra)

Double Extension aluminium ladder

DE series extension ladder available sizes

Product Code Size (Metres) Size (Feet)
DES1/0808 2.4m - 4.2m 8ft - 14ft
DES1/1010 3m - 5.4m 10ft - 18ft
DES1/1212 3.6m - 6.3m 12ft - 20ft
DES1/1414 4.2m - 7.5m 14ft - 25ft
DES1/1616 4.8m - 8.7m 16ft - 29ft

DE series extension ladder available sizes (heavy duty)

Product Code Size (Metres) Size (Feet)
DES2/1010 3m - 5.4m 10ft - 18ft
DES2/1212 3.6m - 6.3m 12ft - 20ft
DES2/1414 4.2m - 7.5m 14ft - 25ft
DES2/1616 4.8m - 8.7m 16ft - 29ft

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