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Aluminium planks are an essential item for all painters, decorators, builders, tradies and handymen when it comes to creating a simple and safe work platform. Simply span your single plank or multiple planks across trestles or scaffolding and clamp them in place.

Benefits of using an aluminium plank

Compared to timber, aluminium is much lighter which makes transporting, manoeuvring and storing your aluminium plank a lot easier. 

Aluminium will never rot, become weathered or get damaged by termites. 

Features of Ullrich Aluminium planks

  • Planks come in a range of legnths: 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m, 4m, 5m and 6m
  • All planks are 227mm wide and 50mm deep
  • Ullrich planks exceed Australian Standard specifications for aluminium planks AS1577: 1993
  • Sturdy aluminium construction for added durability and safety
  • Heavy-duty, surface-gripping rubber infills enhance stability
  • Safe working load per supported span of 250kg
  • Ullrich plank clamps are sold separately and can be used to double the width of your work platform. They are designed to prevent scissoring of planks.

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ID Code Weight Length
TP 2.4 10kg 2.4m
TP 3.0 12.4kg 3.0m
TP 3.6 14.8kg 3.6m
TP 4.0 16.4kg 4.0m
TP 5.0 20.4kg 5.0m
TP 6.0 24.4kg 6.0m


Planks must be supported every 3m maximim.
Prevent scissoring of planks with Ullrich Aluminium's clamps.


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