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Aluminium walkway grating

Ullrich Aluminium make a range of walkway gratings for a variety of environments.

Aluminium walkway grating is lightweight and suitable for corrosive environments.  Ulrich Aluminium walkway grating also has high resistance to slip as well as being easily machined and fabricated.

This product is readily available via our national distribution outlets.

Uses for aluminium walkway grating

  • Walkways on roofs
  • Platforms (work, marine)
  • Roof A/C platforms
  • Pit grating for wastewater treatment plants
  • Stair treads
  • Architecture and design, such as powder coated caging and cladding, or even as a contemporary shoji screen

Walkway grating material

All Ullrich grating and stair tread is manufactured from aluminium alloy 6063 T5.

Walkway grating specifications

The grating panels are fabricated using the Ullrich Aluminium grating series and designed to comply with Australian Standard AS1657-1992. Fabricate and install according to Ullrich Aluminium's recommendations.

Fasteners commonly used with walkway grating

  • M8 hex head. Bolt/Nut/FW. Grade 316SS.
  • All tek screws class 4 finish.
  • 14-14 hex head. Type TT thread forming screw. Grade 304SS.
  • Fixing to wood 14-10 hex head. Tek screw. Type 17 Grade 304SS.

wlakway grating australian supplier and specifications

Aluminium walkway grating supplier and specifications

Aluminium walkway grating specifications

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Aluminium walkway grating for wastewater projectsAluminium walkway grating in the northern territory

Aluminium walkway grating for roof top solar access aluminim walk way grating for wastewater treatment plants

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