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Cage ladders - aluminium silo ladder (A8)

All caged silo ladders include a 1m extension to the top which must be taken into account when ordering. For example, if a 6m ladder is ordered, it will be 6m overall. Therefore, the ladder itself will be 5m plus the 1m at the top.

Cages contain 11 vertical bars at 150mm maximum spacing.

Cages are on average between 760mm and 800mm in diameter and made from 60mm x 10mm flat bar. The cage is located at the nearest rung, on average 2.1m from the bottom of the ladder and terminate at the top.

Stand off mounting brackets including the spacer blocks and fixings can be supplied with the ladder. These will stand the unit 200mm off the wall and conform to OHS standards.

To determine the placing of the brackets, a rule of thumb is to have one pair at the top of the cage and one pair near the bottom of the cage. Keep the spacing at 2.7 - 3m apart where applicable.

Features of the aluminium cage ladder

  • Conforms to and exceeds Australian & New Zealand Standards: Ladder – AS 1892.1 : 2018 Cage – AS 1657 : 2018
  • Sturdy aluminium construction for durability and safety
  • Standard mounting brackets and spacer blocks available
  • Off-ground base load bearing mounting brackets available
  • Lockable cage door option
  • Side exit option
  • Made to order
  • 100% Australian made

aluminium cage silo ladders

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