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Walkway and Grating Systems - designed to be a step above the rest

Safety and O.H & S. issues are the number one priority for designers, construction companies, property managers and building owners in the 21 st century. These days many tradesmen and service technicians will not work on site without safe access being provided.

Ullrich Aluminium has the solution. All walkway and grating systems are manufactured to comply with, or exceed, the relevant requirements of Australian Standards AS1657:1992 and the various codes of practice for the safe work on roofs.

Walkway and grating systems features:

Ullrich walkway and grating systems are lightweight, simple to install to all metal deck roof sheeting and have easy to follow installation data, available in AutoCAD & PDF formats.They provide an anti-slip walking surface even when wet and are maintenance free being made from non corrosive aluminium.

Roof users can traverse the roof in any direction safely and handrails can be easily fitted to one or both sides.Taper supports available to level up steeper roof pitches. Ullrich walkway and grating can also be installed on fibre cement roofing.

Design and technical support available upon request.

The design of our walkways and gratings make them ideal for:

  • safe pedestrian access over any roof
  • accessing of plant and equipment
  • platforms
  • suspended walkways
  • stairways
  • step - overs

Walkway Grating

Roof Walkways
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