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Aluminium Ladder and Trestle

Ullrich is a trusted manufacturer of aluminium ladder and trestle equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

With over 60 years’ in business, we are known for quality, with all ladders and trestles built to Australian and New Zealand standards.

Our ladders, trestles and other products are made for use at home or at work and are perfect for builders, plasterers, painters, maintenance workers, roofers as well as other hardworking tradies who work at height.

Ullrich Aluminium has the experience and expertise as the leading ladder and platform solutions manufacture.

Aluminium Trestle Handrail System
ID Code Component
LS101 Intermediate Post
LS102 Corner Post
LS103 Handrail 2.7m
LS104 End Barrier
Aluminium Trestle
ID Code Weight Size Rating
TRE1.20 11Kg 1.80m 210Kg
TRE1.80 15Kg 1.80m 210Kg
TRE2.40 19Kg 2.40m 210Kg
TRE3.00 24Kg 3.00m 210Kg
TRE3.60 28Kg 3.60m 210Kg
TRE4.20 33Kg 4.20m 210Kg
TRE4.80 38Kg 4.80m 210Kg
Aluminium Plank
ID Code Weight Size Rating
TP2.4 10.0Kg 2.4m 210Kg
TP3.0 12.4Kg 3.0m 210Kg
TP3.6 14.8Kg 3.6m 210Kg
TP4.0 16.4Kg 4.0m 210Kg
TP5.0 20.4Kg 5.0m 210Kg
TP6.0 24.4Kg 6.0m 210Kg
Doubled Sided Step Ladder
Part Number Imperial Metric
DST02 2ft 0.6m
DST03 3ft 0.9m
DST04 4ft 1.2m
DST05 5ft 1.5m
DST06 6ft 1.8m
DST07 7ft 2.1m
DST08 8ft 2.4m
DST09 9ft 2.7m
DST10 10ft 3.0m
Double Extension Ladder
Part Number Imperial Metric
DES1/0808 8ft-14ft 2.4m-4.2m
DES1/1010 10ft-18ft 3.0m-5.4m
DES1/1212 12ft-20ft 3.6m-6.0m
DES1/1414 14ft-24ft 4.2m-7.3m
DES1/1616 16ft-28ft 4.8m-8.5m
Heavy Duty Double Sided Step Ladder
Part Number Imperial Metric
HDD03 3ft 0.9m
HDD04 4ft 1.2m
HDD06 6ft 1.8m
HDD07 7ft 2.1m
HDD08 8ft 2.4m
HDD10 10ft 3.0m
HDD12 12ft 3.6m
HDD14 14ft 4.2m
HDD16 16ft 4.8m
Hinged Platform Ladder
Part Number Imperial Metric
PFS1/03 3ft 0.9m
PFS1/04 4ft 1.2m
PFS1/05 5ft 1.5m
PFS1/06 6ft 1.8m
PFS1/07 7ft 2.1m
PFS1/08 8ft 2.4m
PFS1/09 9ft 2.7m
Hook Pole Ladder
Part Number Imperial Metric
HSL/1.6 5ft 1.5m
HSL/2.2 7ft 2.1m
HSL/2.4 8ft 2.4m
HSL/2.9 10ft 3.0m
HSL/3.4 8ft 2.4m
HSL/3.6 10ft 3.0m
HSL/3.9 12ft 3.6m
HSL/4.2 14ft 4.2m
HSL/4.4 16ft 4.8m
HSL/4.9 16ft 4.8m
HSL/5.4 18ft 5.4m
HSL/6.0 20ft 6.0m
Fixed Platform Ladder
Part Number Imperial Metric
MP1.2 4ft 1.2m
MP1.5 5ft 1.5m
MP1.8 6ft 1.8m
MP2.1 7ft 2.1m
MP2.4 8ft 2.4m
Saw Horse Foldable
Part Number Imperial Metric
SH1.6 5ft 1.5m
SH2.0 7ft 2.1m
SH2.4 8ft 2.4m
SH2.7 9ft 2.7m
SH3.0 10ft 3.0m
Saw Horse Fixed
Part Number Imperial Metric
SHF1.6 5ft 1.5m
SHF2.0 7ft 2.1m
SHF2.4 8ft 2.4m
Double Extension Ladder
Part Number Imperial Metric
DES2/1010 10ft-18ft 3.0m-5.4m
DES2/1212 12ft-20ft 3.6m-6.0m
DES2/1414 14ft-24ft 4.2m-7.3m
Combination Ladder
Part Number Imperial Metric
CS04 4ft 1.2m
CS05 5ft 1.5m
CS06 6ft 1.8m
CS07 7ft 2.1m
CS08 8ft 2.4m
CS09 9ft 2.7m
CS10 10ft 3.0 m



Aluminium Planks Available in various lengths
3.0m    4.0m   5.0m   6.0m

Planks are 227mm wide X 50mm thick
Supported span rating 205kg

ULLRICH Plank Clamp

ULLRICH Plank Clamps can be used to double the width of work platforms and are designed to prevent scissoring of planks.

ULLRICH Chain Lock


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