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The Ullrich difference

The Ullrich difference

From simple geometric shapes to high end structural aluminium sections using high purity aluminium, Ullrich Aluminium provides access to an extensive range of specialist aluminium extrusion and rolled products. We have our own team of experienced design engineers who can help you create your own extrusion for any job.

Custom extrusions

Ullrich can make custom extrusions to suit any job you have. If you are innovating with a new product design that requires an aluminium extrusion, Ullrich Aluminium can help develop a solution, including designing and 3D printing prototypes. We have assisted our customers to create custom extrusions for a range of different projects, including clips for sails, right down to shimmering building facades and aluminium components for new products.


Ullrich Aluminium employs over 700 staff across Australia and New Zealand. That’s a lot of people. Better still, as well as investing in people, Ullrich continues to invest in the economy by continuing to build out our infrastructure and capacity while enhancing our branch network across major cities and important regional locations.

Five manufacturing units

We have five aluminium manufacturing sites plus an extrusion site, all based in Australia.

Sales showrooms

We have over 25 sales showrooms across Australia.


Ullrich Aluminium is committed to our environment, we use hydroelectricity in our manufacturing process.

Research and development

We also have an research and development site on the Gold Coast where we test and develop our range of Wintec Systems door and window products.

We are here to help

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