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Ullrich Aluminium distributes the Architectural . 75 balustrade system throughout Australia through a network of local fabricators and balustrade companies.

The role of the local fabricator and balustrade companies is to liaise with customer’s, to fabricate and install the product in accordance with the Ullrich Aluminium technical specifications and engineering.

The ‘safety of the end-user’ is Ullrich Aluminium systems number one priority. Engineering plays an integral part of balustrade design, as the product must be able to with-stand the loads stipulated in the Australian Building Code.

Ullrich Aluminium has a strong background in structural design. Product is not only designed with experienced engineering expertise, it is also physically tested. Ulrich Aluminium has in-house facilities set up especially for testing balustrade products. Comply with AS/NZS1170 requirements.

Ullrich Aluminium Balustrade Configurations

Balustrade Slat Infill- 40mm x 20mm

Balustrade Horizontal Glazing

Balustrade Full Glazing

Balustrade Vertical Glazing

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