A common question we get asked at Ullrich Aluminium is, ‘What is your aluminium sheet price?’ Length, width, thickness, grade; there are lots of factors to consider that affect the aluminium sheet price.

Firstly, the price is based on the weight and grade of the material as well as the size of the sheet.

Marine-grade sheets cost 15-20% more than general use aluminium sheets because of the alloying elements required for strength and corrosion resistance.

The more alloying, the higher the aluminium sheet price. We have 8 different sheet sizes with varying thicknesses and the option of different styles of perforation available on decorative panels, so the price is calculated per kilo of aluminium used.

Packaging is also a factor. Some customers require a protective coating to ensure a smooth, scuff-free finish. There’s PVC coating or laser-cut-friendly protection that doesn’t give off toxic fumes when cut. The laser-cut film is an extra $3-4 per sheet.

Ullrich also offers bulk discounts for customers who buy the full pack because we don’t have to handle it. The forklift picks it up, puts it on a truck and off it goes!


An aluminium sheet is an aluminium ingot that has been rolled flat. A 250mm thick ingot of aluminium is rolled on a big rolling mill and then finished off in a cold rolling mill where the mill continues rolling back and forth.

This slowly squashes the aluminium down until it gets to the required thickness which can be as thin as .07mm to become aluminium foil. Different grades of alloys allow aluminium to be more malleable.


Ullrich supplies flat sheets, tread plates and propeller plates.

Flat aluminium sheets come in thicknesses ranging from 0.6mm – 20mm whereas tread and propeller plate widths range from 0.9mm up to 6mm.

Flat sheets are smooth on both sides whereas tread and propeller plates are embossed. When the sheet goes through the rolling mill, one roller has the embossing on it and once it reaches its required thickness, the excess aluminium fills in the gaps on the pattern.

Treadplate is a 5-bar embossed pattern in a standard mill finish and propeller plate is a high shine plate with an embossed pattern resembling an airline propeller.


Flat sheet – used for anything that requires a flat surface. Decorative panels, truck canopies, vehicle bodies, boat building products and boats.

Treadplate – used for grip as well as decorative applications. Flooring on trailers and trucks, toolboxes, stone guard for caravans, protection of fuel tanks on trucks and stair treads in industrial applications.

Propeller plate – used for decorative purposes in the automotive industry as well as caravans and trailers.

Check out the colourful tread plate bag racks and stunning perforated sheets below.


Aluminium sheets and plates can be supplied in a natural mill finish or we can also process it. This includes perforating, folding and either anodising or powder coating it to any colour required.

Pat Panunnzio, Gold Coast Manager says, “One of our biggest projects using flat aluminium sheets on the Gold Coast was the athletes village for the Commonwealth Games. We supplied about 3500 decorative panels for the balustrading in 29 different colours.”

Check out the colourful design below.

Pat adds, “We used about 10 tonnes of aluminium on the facade of Sky on Broadwater on the Gold Coast. It was all folded out of flat sheeting and welded together in panels by the fabricator for delivery to on-site.”

Pat continues, “There’s so much Ullrich is doing with flat aluminium sheeting. We’re replacing composite panel cladding with fire resistant solid aluminium sheeting which has been fire tested and approved. In June to August 2021, we did the refit of the Queen Victoria Building in Melbourne.”


Pat explains, “Ullrich only deals with quality assured rolling mills to purchase our aluminium. We have a large stock holding, so even large projects can be supplied at short notice. Our market-driven aluminium sheet pricing is very competitive. Our footprint around the country is huge with 26 fully stocked branches around Australia. If stock is low for any reason, it’s only a 3-4 day wait from our distribution centres to deliver to our smaller branches.”


Simply set up an account and order online or call or drop into your nearest Ullrich Aluminium branch. Our friendly aluminium experts will be more than happy to help you work out your aluminium sheet price for your next project.