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Aluminium shower screens

Fully framed shower screen or semi-frameless shower screens - you choose.

Ullrich Aluminium's Wintec Systems makes the latest designs in fully framed and semi-frameless shower screens.

The Latitude Shower Screens range is a fully integrated shower screen suite with Australian influenced design, styling and functionality.

The slim, clean lines coupled with Australian-styled hardware will enhance and compliment your bathroom decor. This low-maintenance design adds not only style but functionality as well.

Latitude Shower Screens are a truly innovative design offering a choice of assembly methods, a small compact range of Australian custom designed extrusions and hardware components used across multiple design options.

Choose from semi-frameless with frameless door panels or fully framed with framed door panels.

Overlap or inline door solutions are all standard features.

A choice of an engineered polymer or a premium stainless steel pivot which is an Australian minimalist design. Customise your design today with a range of colours and the option for square or mitre cut corners.

Latitude Shower Screens are designed to give you choice and options in the final product without compromising design, features or quality.



Style standardised

Wintec Systems Latitude Shower Screens are available in a number of different semi-frameless and fully framed standard configurations to suit any design or bathroom layout.

No matter the space or environment, Wintec Systems has the shower screen solution for you.

Customised designs

Although the standard configuration shown above covers a diverse range of applications, we understand that sometimes a fully customised configuration may be needed to fulfil your creative vision. Speak to one of our Wintec Systems Consultants to find out how we can tailor the layout to suit your requirements.

Latitude shower screen features

Fully framed
  • Easy grip full-length handle
  • Integrated water seal to minimise water leakage
  • Hingeless pivoting door system
  • Available in a range of standard finishes and glass types
  • Slim, clean lines inspired by Australian design
  • Stylish handle
  • Overlapping pivot door system prevents water leakage
  • Slim perimeter frame for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Minimalistic contemporary design creates more visual space finishes and glass types



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