Ullrich history


Ullrich employees 700+ staff across Australia and New Zealand throughout 43 branches and exports product to 23 South Pacific Island nations and owns its distribution networks and manufacturing plants, making Ullrich the aluminium leader in the region.


Ullrich Aluminium Turns 50 years old and recognizes the hard work undertaken to survive in business for 50 years and a big thankyou to our trans-tasman team of over 750 staff for all their commitment to the business.


Ullrich opens a manufacturing plant in Newcastle NSW and installs a state of the art Japanese extrusion press and a new national distribution center – at the same time Ullrich opens a new company head office and warehouse facility in Carole Park near Brisbane.


Extrusion plant built in Newcastle with a 2500-ton 8-inch extrusion press to add to the dozen fabrication facilities across Australia and New Zealand, Ullrich can extrude, cut, fold and fabricate anything aluminium and releases the Ullrich ladders and climbing equipment range.


NZ expanded its manufacturing operations by introducing a new UBE 2000-ton aluminium extrusion press, the only 7-inch extrusion line in NZ


Ullrich purchased aluminium joinery company Wintec Windows & Doors and takes over servicing of 85 fabricators nationwide and now offers manufacturing and sales of Ulltraclad Cladding and Window products.


Ullrich purchased Australian metal distributor company Hawker Noyes Metals. The established Nationwide branch network fitted well with the 17-branch network that existed in New Zealand. The Hawker Noyes acquisition proved to be a major turning point for Ullrich and since even more branches have been opened on the Australian east coast.
Ullrich purchased Hawker Noyes Metals


The Hamilton site gets a much larger extrusion machine.


First Austrlian Ullrich branch was opened in Smithfield near Sydney and a second in Coopers Planes near Brisbane.


Ullrich shocks its competitors and builds its very own extrusion plant and national distribution centre and sales branch in Hamilton, removing their reliance of external suppliers.


After the purchase of Kabelduct systems in 1982 Ullrich expands capabilities and introduces a powder coating line.


Construction of a new warehouse facility in Wellington, the business was expanding so fast that just a few years later the had outgrown the building and a larger facility was purchased across the road for the ladder assembly plant.
Wellington office and warehouse in 1980


Loading their Designmark award winning Easylift Ladder into a plane for export to 48 different countries as far afield as the Middle East and Mauritius and the Indian Ocean, winning the EXPORTER award of the year.


Ullrich NZ outgrows the existing office and new head office was built in Auckland across the road from the existing head office.


The same year Man goes into Space, Berlin wall was built and Barack Obama was born. Ullrich Aluminum was founded and was ushered into existence with a statement to his two sons Gilbert and Ernest that “The Aluminium Age is Coming” William Ullrich in 1961. The business started with William importing corrugated aluminium sheeting from Europe and gradually moved into the manufacturing of aluminium products.

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