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Ulrich Aluminium mobile scaffolds have been designed and manufactured to comply with Australia/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1576.1:1995.

The lightweight aluminium components can easily be erected and dismantled without the aid of special tools.


A range of frame widths is available from 900mm, 1350mm and 1500mm. With corresponding lengths of 18000mm, 2400mm, 3000mm and a maximum working height of 10.27m.


  • Lightweight and Simple to Erect
  • For flexibility two outriggers are available
  • Swivel castor wheels make it easy to manoeuvre
  • Foot operated lever makes it simple to lock wheels
  • Threaded wheel spindle making height adjustment simple
  • Wheel is contained in frame by lock screw

1. Lay main frames on floor and insert wheel assembly. (Make sure lock screw clears the frame casting).

2. After inserting -finger tighten lock screw. Lock wheel brake.

3. Stand frame up and attach 'plan' brace (red hooks) to vertical tube at 'a' above bottom hung. Lower brace to ground. Frame is now self supporting!

4. Raise 2nd frame and attach 'plan' brace (red hooks) at 'b'.

5. Attach 2 horizontal braces (orange) to bottom rung of frame with claw facing down.

6. Attach 2 diagonal braces (blue) to 2nd & 4th rung of frame with claw facing down. Level the unit by turning the lever on the wheel spindle.

7. Attach the fixed platform to the 3rd rung before attempting to insert the extensions. Insert frames (2) as shown.

8. Raised the fixed platform (from rung 3 to 5 and add hinged platform to rung 5).

  • Attach (2) horizontal braces (orange).
  • Attach (2) diagonal braces (blue) as shown.

9. Hook bottom ladder to the 8th rung and attach ladder braces to 2nd rung.

10. For multiple intermediate sections, repeat steps 7 & 8. Add intermediate ladder per level.

11. Fix (2) guard rails frames at ends.

12. Add (4) horizontal braces (orange) to last two rungs.

13. Raise fixed platform then the hinged one as shown.

14. Add (2) diagonal braces (blue) as shown. Hook top ladder to top rung & fix ladder braces to 2nd rail above the lower platform.

15. Outriggers must be fitted to all mobile scaffolds when working platform height is 3 times the minimum width of base unit.

16. Frame height can be adjusted by rotating the spindle lever - by hand.

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