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Flyscreen doors and windows ideas – DIY to Ulltrasafe security screens

Installing or updating flyscreen doors and windows is easy with the range of options available from Ullrich Aluminium.

We have smart options for the budget conscious, the savvy DIYer, or for those looking for a stylish complete end-to-end made to measure security door and window security screen system for the home.

Screening your home opens your indoor living spaces to the environment outside and allows you to take advantage of natural airflows, which adds value to your wellbeing and to the value of your home.

Let’s start with the handy DIYer

Ullrich Aluminium stocks several different types of mesh for doors and windows for DIYers, including:

  • Fibreglass mesh
  • Paw proof fiberglass mesh
  • Midge mesh
  • Aluminium mesh
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • DVA Mesh

Fibreglass mesh is the is a quick and relatively easy option for home DIYers as the main fiberglass flyscreen is held in place by a rubber spine and requires no power tools to install. The new screens look new and instantly add value and aesthetics to your home.

Paw proof mesh is toughened fiberglass mesh that not only keeps out flies, mozzies and other insects but is also tough against clawing from misbehaving pets.

Midge mesh is exactly that, it is an aluminium mesh designed to not only keep maggot laying blow flies, and other insects at bay, but also pesky midges.

Aluminium mesh is metal tough. Pliable yet strong, while not intruder proof, the aluminium mesh is longer lasting than fiberglass and is resistant to pets pawing.

Stainless steel mesh is less malleable but still metal tough. Stainless steel mesh may require power tools to install in the window or door frame.

DVA Mesh is a metal screen mesh that allows one way vision for doors and windows. DVA mesh stands for Diminished Vision Aluminium mesh and is also known as privacy mesh. This means homeowner or building occupants can see out, but provides privacy from people looking in.

The DIYer options above can be bolstered with security door and windows that feature diamond amplimesh.

Amplimesh is at toughened styled security bar design for doors and windows which protects against intruders and provides and added layer of security to your home or building. Better still our amplimesh range comes in a variety of colours to suit different colour palettes.

 Ulltrasafe for secure doors and windows

If DIY is not your thing, and you want trusted door and window security screens then Ulltrasafe is your best option at Ullrich Aluminium.

Made in Australia by Wintec Systems (a Vulcan Ullrich Aluminium company), all Ulltrasafe security window and door screens are manufactured using stainless steel woven mesh, high grade innovatively designed aluminium framing and high security hardware.

When all these elements are combined, they exceed all Australian standards, including protection against:

  • Dynamic impacts like a physical force
  • Lock attack like attempting to break the locking mechanism
  • Hinge attack
  • Knife shear test
  • Wind driven impacts

Wintec Systems Ulltrasafe security products are designed and tested to withstand the harshest of Australian conditions including cyclonic debris requirements allowing you to secure your home without losing the feeling of openness.

Incredibly, Ulltrasafe’s unique design assembly eliminates the need for screws, rivets or pins removing any possible cause for corrosion and weakness.

Ulltrasafe is made to your specific needs and compliments modern or traditional homes.

Find a Ullrich Aluminium branch nearby and ask about Ulltrasafe security screens next time you are in the branch.


Posted at 07 September 22

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