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Grandstand seating for pickleball, tennis and other outdoor sports

Ullrich Aluminium are experts in aluminium and specialise in making grandstand seating for local sport facilities, including Australia’s fastest growing sport – pickleball.

Pickleball is often described as a mix of tennis, badminton, and table tennis and as the popularity of the sport grows, the need for more courts and seating for spectators and players increases.

Ullrich Aluminium provides a range of grandstand seating options for small, medium and large venues and because the seating is made from aluminium it is perfect for withstanding outdoor elements.

Better still because the seating is made from aluminium it is relatively light and easy to transport, like the stadium seating used for the recent Queensland Pickleball Tour Finals held at the Beenleigh Tennis and Pickleball Centre.

The seating for this event was transported by Ullrich from its home venue in Currumbin to Beenleigh by a small team of four and a truck.

The seating provided excellent courtside seating for spectators while looking smart and professional.

Ullrich Aluminium works with many local organisations and councils when it comes to providing out door seating options for local sports fields and other facilities.

Ullrich Aluminium Marketing and Communications Manager said, “It is so exciting to be part of Australia’s fastest growing sport. A sport which now has a major league in the USA, attracts multimillion dollar sponsorship and is even converting tennis and other sport stars over to the game. And when it comes to making spectators comfortable that’s where we can help with a range of aluminium seating and grandstand seating options.”

Find out more about grandstand and seating options from Ullrich Aluminium.

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Posted at 29 November 22

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