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Life from a different aluminium angle

The use of aluminium and especially the aluminium angle in the building industry is becoming more prevalent. From Architects to builders and then the homeowner, aluminium is proving its worth with its versatility.

Aluminium has several qualities that make it an attractive option for the building industry: low density, high strength-to-weight ratio, and corrosion resistance to name a few. These properties allow the aluminium angle to be used as a structural, framing, or decorative material without adding significant weight or cost, let’s talk about aluminium angles and what they are and how they are used.

The aluminium angle

Aluminium angles are L-shaped extruded sections that have radius inside corners and were designed primarily for architectural utilisation.

The aluminium angle is a versatile material used for both structural and decorative application purposes. It can be welded, cut, or machined with ease making it perfect for all sorts of projects. In terms of applications, you will find aluminium in frameworks as well as edging to protect corners from damage.

Ullrich Aluminium supplies a huge range of aluminium angles in three different styles: –

  1. Equal Angle Extrusions – they have legs of equal length and thickness.
  2. Unequal Angle Extrusions – they have legs of unequal length but the same thickness.
  3. Structural Angle Extrusions – They have legs of equal length and thickness; the corner radius is greater than 5mm.

The versatility of the aluminium angle

Aluminium Angle can be used in many ways and can be utilised. From creating the structural frames for windows and doors, it can also be used in the building of trailers and boats. It can also be used for decorative purposes and to create feature pieces in both commercial and residential buildings.

It can also help homeowners with do-it-yourself projects as it is malleable and easy to cut. Some of the uses for the do-it-yourself tragic are:

Covering rough edges and creating decorative borders– Can be used as coping to cover rough edges on brickwork, paving and timber. Aluminium angle could also be used as a grinding plate for skateboard and scooter enthusiasts.

Covering gaps and screw holes. Aluminium angles are perfect for covering unsightly gaps and screw heads, giving a project that seamless finish.

Showroom example

The amazing team at CMF in Townsville has stepped up in showing how you can use the humble aluminium angle by creating this stunning display at their Garbutt showroom.

Ullrich Aluminium Townsville Sales Representative Aaron Heathcote says, “This display at CMF is fantastic. The powder-coated aluminium angles are set on an alloy frame with background LED lighting to give the display a modern architectural finish. The display features an array of different colours and sizes which gives the display context and depth.

“It really gives the customer a chance to see the product in a real application, which gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what it looks like,” added Aaron.

aluminium angles

ullrich aluminium powder coated angles

Easy to work with and malleable

Aluminium is easy to work with, it’s relatively soft and easier to cut, stretch and manipulate into shapes that you require. Aluminium angles can also be bent into shape without breaking much easier than stainless steel, which, is more difficult to work with as it is a harder metal than aluminium.

Cutting aluminium angles to size is easy with the right tools and is safer than cutting other metals as aluminium does not create sparks when being cut. We still suggest that you wear eye protection and gloves when cutting your aluminium angles.

There is very little doubt that the humble aluminium angle is an amazing product that can be used for the most basic of jobs like framing or building structures or with a little bit of imagination it can be turned into a featured masterpiece.

Whether an architect, builder, or homeowner the aluminium angle is the perfect way to add that finishing touch to any commercial or residential project.

The team at Ullrich Aluminium are expert at ensuring you get the right advice for the job at hand. Why not drop into one of our 51 branches across Australia and New Zealand and the team can help you with any aluminium angle questions you might have.

If you would like to see any of the Ullrich Aluminium products first hand simply drop into a branch today.

Posted at 30 May 22

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