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McRaeway Homes choose Ullrich Aluminium cladding

Ullrich Aluminium and McRaeway Homes have a lot in common. They were both founded with a pioneering spirit and have both continued to grow and operate as successful family-owned businesses for over half a century.

McRaeway Homes has made the dream of building a brand new home an obtainable reality for nearly 7,000 New Zealanders with their unique pre-cut framing and kitset housing systems.

With over 50 different house designs to choose from, McRaeway Housing has something for everyone. Ranging from single bedroom studios, farm accomodation and transportable homes to spacious contemporary five bedroom houses, each home is designed with superior quality and value in mind.

There are 3 simple steps to follow when building a McRaeway home:

Step 1 - choose your floor plan

Step 2 - choose your exterior styling

Step 3 - decide if you want McRaeway to build or build it yourself

Step 2 is where Ullrich Aluminium comes in. McRaeway Homes chooses to use Ulltraclad for the exterior on some of their homes.

Designed as a complete system with its own flashings and corners, UlltraClad Aluminium is the perfect exterior cladding for New Zealand homes, providing the look of traditional weatherboards without the maintenance and problems associated with timber cladding. Ulltraclad weathers well and will never crack or warp.

When Ullrich Aluminium designed Ulltraclad, a lot of attention was paid to the way air circulates behind the aluminium cladding. This allows it to breathe and eliminates rot.

Ulltraclad can be powder coated in a huge range of colours including many wood grain finishes which achieves a warm timber look without the upkeep.

With the help of Ullrich Aluminium, McRaeway has been able to offer a cost effective, quality housing solution which not only saves money but time too. McRaeway has even been using Ulltraclad on some of the transportable homes too.

McRaeway clients, The Isons explain, “Our house was wrecked in the Christchurch Earthquakes. When it came to rebuilding our home, our insurer offered us a choice of three builders. After interviewing all three we chose McRaeway Homes. We were aware that a lot of people have had some very disappointing relationships with the insurer and builders, causing lengthy delays. Within four months of our first meeting, we have had our new home designed, consent issued and now foundations for our new home are being installed. We would recommend McRaeway Homes to all Christchurch rebuild customers.”

Give McRaeway Homes a call on 0800 627 239 and have a chat to their friendly team about building your new home. Or you could visit their office and see their Show Home in person at 98 King Street, Tiimaru.

If you would like to know more about Ulltradlad, call Ullrich NZ on 0800 500 338 or speak to the team in Australia on 1300 786 356

Posted at 22 August 22

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