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Privacy screens and decor panels add value to the home

Adding a privacy screen or a decor panel arrangement to your home is a great way to hide unsightly areas so you can enjoy your home spaces more.

What can privacy screens be used for?

Privacy screens and decor panels are perfect for screening off garbage bins, garden sheds, household utilities like water tanks, as well as other household oddities.

Privacy screens and decor panels are also the solution for providing just that, an added layer of privacy from close neighbours, passersby, or to filter or block direct light or sound.

The difference between a privacy screen and a decor panel comes down to the three main P’S:
•    Position, purpose, price – The position of the project determines whether a decor panel or a more tradition privacy screen is required – or even a traditional fence product. For example if the target are you screening is not a major focal point a traditional privacy screen could be used. However, if the target area is in full view and needs to add to the ambience of the area, a stylized laser cut decor panel would be a better solution.

Aluminium screens and panels for DIYers and fabricators

At Ullrich Aluminium we provide a range of options for home DIYers and professional fabricators who make custom screening and privacy solutions and because our products are made from aluminium they are corrosion resistant and long-lasting.

We can help you find a fabricator to suit your budget, timeline and project. We can even assist you with your choice of powder coat colour if you need to work within a specific colour palette.

Louvres as privacy and screening

And don’t forget about the how louvres can be used to screen utilities.
You could decide to go for a fixed louvre system that allows for a cross breeze while still filtering light, sound while providing screening and creating privacy.

Louvre systems are particularly effective for screening air-conditioning units as the louvres allow air to pass into and out of the unit. Many new developments including the newly upgraded Gosford Hospital have gone for a louvres system to screen their air-conditioning units.

Our staff love sharing their experiences

If you are handy on the tools drop into a Ullrich branch and take a look at the options we have for you and chat to our staff.

Our staff have helped customers on countless projects. They can assist you with developing a solution and getting together all the items you will need for the project so once you start you don’t need to stop.

We have all been in the situation where you stop and delay because you don’t have a part you need!

So what are you waiting for, start your screening project with Ullrich Aluminium.
Discover the nearest branch to you.

Posted at 19 September 22

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