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Types of ladders and why you should always have one at home and work

Every home and business need a ladder, because when you least expect it, an occasion comes along when you need one.

Whether changing a light globe, cleaning the gutters, high windows or cupboards, ladders are a must have piece of hardware around the home and business.

At Ullrich Aluminium we not only sell ladders we make them.

Our ladders are built to Australian and New Zealand Standards and we have ladders for all jobs and in a variety of different lengths – depending how vertical you need to get.

The types of ladders available at Ullrich Aluminium include:

•    Single ladders: Single ladders are great for jobs where you can safely place the ladder against a wall or a stable vertical structure for support, such as cleaning gutters around the home.

•    Step ladders: Step ladders are perfect for ceiling work where the ladder can be set up below the target object.

•    Double sided step ladders: Double sided step ladders can be climbed on either side without compromising the integrity of the ladder. These ladders are great for cleaning high up objects or trimming vertical bushes in the garden and means rather than moving the ladder and repositioning it, you can simply climb up on the other side.

•    Heavy duty double sided step ladders: These ladders are especially designed for taking the weight of a person and the added weight of all the tools they may be carrying.

•    Double extension ladders: Double extension ladders are handy because they can extend on the job and be compacted down when being transported or stored.

•    Hinged platform ladders: Hinged platform ladders are a ladder that have a platform at the highest level of the ladder. Hinged platform ladders can be folded up for a more compact storage or for transporting. 

•    Fixed platform ladders: Fixed platform ladders are similar to hinged platform ladders but are more robust and cannot be folded up.

•    Pole ladders: Are designed for use on, as the name suggests, poles, such as telegraph or work site poles.

•    Hook ladders: Hook ladders were originally designed for use by fire fighters in the 1800’s and today add an added layer of safety to how a ladder is used on a job.

•    Combination ladders: Are like a multipurpose ladder, and can be used like a step ladder, or extended to gain extra height like an extension ladder.

•    Saw horses: Saw horses provide a excellent and stable base for cutting material. Saw horses can be a fixed structure or mobile, so it can be used in various locations.

Ullrich Aluminium also stock a range of fibreglass ladders – especially for workers working with electricity.

Remember, when using a ladder it is vitally important to follow all safety instructions and to ensure the ladder you have is fit for purpose.

For ladder safety information visit the Work Safe Australia website

For your next ladder find a Ullrich Aluminium branch nearby.


Posted at 14 September 22

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