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Get handy with Ullrich

Ullrich Aluminium modular systems bring out the ‘handy’ in everyone.

Make your own tables, bookshelves, coffee tables, foyer stand, computer stands, or even a birdcage!

With our modular system, you can make professional-looking furniture for a low price. Plus, you get to tell your friends you made it yourself.

This aluminium square-tube system assembles in minutes using only a plastic mallet, ready to accept horizontal and vertical panels of your choice. The sturdy, lightweight construction disassembles for transit or storage and is rearranged or extended for changing circumstances.

Carefully plan your assembly before you purchase your components. The system is available in two profile sizes - select from 25mm or 20mm to suit the purpose of the unit you are planning. To ensure sturdy construction spans between joints should not exceed 960mm.

The system features a flanged tube specially designed to fit your choice of the panelling in two thicknesses, flush with the frame, simply by turning the profile 180 degrees.

modular do it yourself build system

Simple assembly technique

1. Read the information in Introduction and preliminary planning in this brochure before purchasing and cutting your tube framework. It is advisable to carefully plan your work on graph paper before purchasing your components.

2. Cut the tube precisely to your required lengths with a fine metal saw. To ensure accurate 90 degree cutting with hand tools, use a mitre box - with power tools, use the appropriate saw guides. Wear eye protection while using power tools.
Alternatively, your stockist can precut to your needs.

3. Deburr the inside edges of the cut tube with a fine flat rasp to ease jointing assembly. On the jointers, deburr any unwanted protrusions incurred in their moulding process.

4. Make a provisional assembly by laying out the components with the jointers loosely attached.

5. A plastic or rubber mallet is the only tool required for assembly. When you are satisfied that your layout is correct, firmly drive the jointers into the tube framework with the mallet. Do not use any other type of hammer.

6. Cut insert panels to exactly the same size the inside of the tube frame. Drop the panel into the frame to be supported by the flange.


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