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Custom aluminium extrusions

Ullrich Aluminium can help you develop you own aluminium extrusions for your next project.

We can help you design exclusive shapes and systems as well as tailor supply chain management and distribution opportunities.

Thinking about having an aluminium extrusion made? The options of shape design are endless. We can help make your design ideas become a reality.

We can assist you with the design of your own exclusive aluminium extrusion by providing you with technical advice in design, shape and practicability. Furthermore, we will provide fully dimensioned drawings and 3D print samples to test function and practicability.

Once you are satisfied with the product design we will provide you fast, efficient and personalised service. We provide high quality extrusions to meet your exact requirements and expectations. Ullrich Aluminium is a privately family owned company with a commitment to remain a locally owned producer of locally manufactured products.

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Which designs can be extruded?

Solid shapes

solid shape aluminum extrusion example

Hollow shapes

Solid shape aluminum extrusion example

Complex shapes

complex custom aluminum extrusion


What to consider when designing an aluminium extrusion

Wall Thickness

The thinner the section, the more difficult it becomes to extrude with accuracy.

Alloy and Temper

Is the product to be formed or shaped? Softer aluminium alloys may be required as compared to a structural or marine aluminium alloy. Temper is also important.

Aluminium Alloys recommended are 6060, 6063, 6106, 6061 and 6082.

Tempers recommended are F, O,T1, T4, T5, T591 and T6.

Tolerances should be considered for componentry and end use.

Surface Treatment such as anodising and powdercoating should be considered if the aluminium extrusion is to be used in a marine application, airborne contaminants and warranty specific applications.

The finished length of the product needs to be considered for travel.

Custom die process for custom extrusions

custom aluminium custom extrusion process Design process – The die will be designed around the profile for the extrusion according to the intended use for the aluminium extrusion. Some design considerations, such as wall thickness and tolerances may need to be taken into account for your aluminium component. CAD drawings are prepared for you by our in-house Design and Technical Team.

Die Cutting 

Off-tool samples will be provided to you after drawings are approved.

Bulk Production

The extrusion process has been likened to squeezing Play-Doh out of a Play-Doh press. But of course it is much more complicated than squeezing aluminium out of a tube with your fingers. A wide variety of shapes can be produced as per your request.


We offer standard lead time for products, but if needs are urgent we are often able to provide deliveries on shorter lead times. Ullrich also provides unrivaled national supply chain and distribution opportunities through our national footprint with 46 branches across Australia and New Zealand.

Value Added Processes

Powder coating, anodising and light fabrication including drilling, cutting, deburring, punching and machining.

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