There are quite a few reasons why Ullrich is the ‘ulltimate’ aluminium warehouse in Australia and New Zealand. Let’s look at some here…

Leading Supplier in Australia and New Zealand

Take a step inside any one of our 50 branches and you’re guaranteed good old-fashioned service and product knowledge from our legendary staff. Our staff are a great resource and are always keen to share their knowledge and experience with you when it comes to aluminium.

Innovative aluminium products

Ullrich produces a huge range of traditional and innovative aluminium products for industrial, architectural, manufacturing and fabrication design applications. We are continually improving. Our technologies, metallurgy, quality and finishes to revolutionise the aluminium industry. You could say we like to think outside the bauxite!

Experienced staff

After 60 successful years in business our customers trust us. Our staff bring their knowledge from a massive range of industries. In Burleigh, you’ll find Peter and Paul (and Tom and Carlos!) behind the counter. Peter has a marine background and has travelled the world crewing on boats, being a diesel fitter, deckhand, skipper and engineer. Paul has a diverse background working with Boral and NDIS and was meant to retire but Peter said Paul bought a really expensive car he has to pay for but we know he just loves sharing his aluminium knowledge!

A range bigger than a warehouse

From standard and non-standard geometrics to ladders, security screens and mesh, plates and sheets and innovative systems, we do it all. Click on the links below to find out more about each aluminium product.

Non-Standard Extrusions include louvers, fence and gates, UlltraBattens, coolrooms, wallboards, molds and trims, glazing and partitions, stairs and stair nosing, marine, ute trays, truck decks, signage and annexe tracks, seating and setting, walkway grating, wardrobe vee-glide, balustrades, shopfitting and custom extrusions.

Standard Geometrics Extrusions include solids (hexagons, rounds, and squares), hollows (square, rectangle, and tubes), flat bars, half rounds, channels, cope molds, I beams, top hats, tees, zeds as well as equal and unequal angles. 

Industrial Products include plates and sheets, composite panels, stanchions, trestles and planks, seating, walkway grating, perforated sheets, decor shade and panels, louvre systems, balustrade systems, ute trays, flag poles, modular systems and LED light profiles.

Architectural Products include:

Wintec Systems – Ulltra Safe Products, UlltraClad Products, commercial glazing systems, leading window and door systems, latitude shower screens

Shopfitting – MDF Board Joiners, Modular Systems and PlanIt Retail Display Solutions

Home Improvements – wardrobe suites, Ulltra Fences and Gates and Ulltra Views Balustrades

Manufacturing Products include aluminium seating and settings, aluminium ladders and trestles, aluminium scaffolding systems, Z Stairs, custom platforms and special products.

Handy supporting products

We wouldn’t be the ultimate aluminium warehouse without our supporting products. We often ‘saw’ customers had misplaced or rundown tools that needed replacing. So we’ve got a good range of handy hand tools on offer. This includes levels, measuring tape, screwdrivers, pliers, saws and trimming knives.

You’ll find heaps of different sized screws, rivets, bolts, nails, drill bits, end caps, saw and grinder blades. As well as silicon and adhesives so you can get stuck into your job straight away.

We’ve also dipped into pool safety with a range of innovative pool gate latches and fence hardware including super heavy duty hinges.

‘Ultimate’ welding rods

We even have our very own UlltraWeld – the ultimate welding rods. Mig rods and tig wire don’t get better than this. Made with Swiss precision, the UllraWeld quality is second to none.

See what George from Samurai Plate Boats says about UlltraWeld below.

 Visit George’s website here.

‘Ulltimate’ shine

Our trucking customers swear by the Australian-made ‘The Original Purple Metal Polish’ and ‘Aluminium Deoxidizer’. These products totally amaze our customers, especially meticulous truckies who are obsessed with keeping their rigs looking schmick – and without the elbow grease.

Best caterer’s grade aluminium foil

Grab an ultra-wide, ultra-long roll of Ulltrafoil next time you visit. 90 metres of caterer’s grade aluminium foil will keep your meat tender and your friends coming back for more!

Safety first: pick up or delivery

We operate our warehouses in Covid-safe environments to keep our customers and staff safe. Customers with Trade accounts can order online. Or if you don’t have a trade account, give us a call. We offer contact-controlled delivery from Monday to Friday.

If you’d prefer to come in and see a friendly face and pick your purchases, we have safe instore shopping as well. With some branches open on Saturdays.

To find out more about how we can help with your next building project, visit the ultimate aluminium warehouse, Ullrich Aluminium.